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Holy Families

On a recent Sunday, when I visited Holy Family Lutheran Church in Cabrini Green on Chicago’s north side, I was struck by the simple, iconic power of the altarpiece, a metal sculpture with an Afro-motif illustrating the church’s namesake, the holy family of Joseph, Mary, and the infant Jesus. The concept of family rides high […]

Sola Scriptura?

Martin Luther was surely one of the first to discover the power of the 30-second sound bite. And now, nearly five centuries after his protest began, the Protestant Reformation can still be summed up by the enduring slogans of sola gratia, sola fide, sola scriptura: only grace, faith alone, only scripture. Yet, though I’m a […]

Belief and Faith

In modern day America, we often equate religion with belief. Charting a profile of beliefs is the most common way to account for the variance between the major historical religions, or to represent denominational differences in Christianity. This is what Hindus believe. This is what Christians, or more particularly, Episcopalians believe. Missouri Synod Lutherans believe […]

Being in the World

Sometime during the winter of 1972 I remarked to a teenage girl, “To say that something is only in your mind does not at all belittle that thing.”  That thing we were talking about was God and the possibility of human faith.  That statement may have been one of the most profound or enlightening things […]